The journey from the soul to the soul
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The journey through the soul

In 2003 when I was with my movie in Japan I had this great chance to be one of the audience of the cinema concert in Tokyo being performed by the great international composer *Philip Glass in the live music on the screening of the film Koyaanisqatsi by Godfrey Reggio, the impact of that concert on me was like a journey through the time, through the universe, and existence , the spiritual journey through the soul by my mind with a strong atmosphere to create and re- create by the imagination based on the visual music which I`m still under it`s impression.

The journey from the soul to the soul

In 2017 I was invited to a concert in Serbia , I only heard that Dalida Grmusa is a great and talented young pianist but surprisingly through all her concert again I just felt that she plays with her soul and the target is our soul and imagination by the tender flow of so many images in our minds as the visual music which was remarkable, specially when she said the concert was all improvisation , later when I had the evening poetry I just sent her some of my poems and she sent me some pieces of her music for the background of the poems that were incredibly matching with the sense of my poems and the audience talked about it, as when I was working on the anthology book of the 100 years of poetry in Persian, I was just listening to her music which I had to find the best rhythm and harmony between the proceeding poems to select the best rhythm in general and again her music perfectly worked with my technique to find this quality that we expect and feel in symphony , her music is some unusual mixture of imagery , poetry , drama, movement and silence, in a very spiritual way and that`s why her style to me is a unique style with a universal quality and I could again have the sense of a journey through my soul in the live concert for the second time after 2003 by her piano , although I don’t want to compare two different musicians, I`m just talking about my feeling and something that happened to me during the concerts .

The journey by the images even through the silence

I remember in Dalida Grmusa’s concert even between the silence of different movement I could continue this imagery journey on different levels of my thought while it seems that she is devoting herself completely in one movement to rise again from her tears and her emotion in a new movement and the audience could receive this sense of birth and rebirth of her soul and music in different parts of her live concert to become a part of her internal journey .

Soudabeh Babagap
Documentary filmmaker, poet, researcher, lecturer from Iran

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