My Melancholy Forest
by on July 26, 2020 in About Music
In the first place, I want to give my gratitude to a team of wonderful people who dedicated their time to make this album a complete piece of work. They are:
Whoever doesn’t know me, hearing my compositions, would think that me and my music are part of two different personalities.
One i
s a happy, joyful and playful individual, while the other is an introvert, dark and mysterious.

Whoever knows me, knows that my music and creative artwork is connected to my segments of life, my feelings of empathy and my artistic desire to provide a complete emotional picture to both myself and my listeners.
Melancholy Forest is a different world for me, it is my safe haven. It is a place of connection between spiritual and earthly worlds, it is where I question my existence in a vortex of time which is both – a moment and eternity.
Music is the expression and living of one’s own Self, both-the creator and the listener, and that is why I  leave it  to you, the listening public, to interpret it personally and feel it in your own way, through the musical pictures, tones and colors.
Lovingly yours,

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