Goran Potkonjak – Melancholy Forest Album Review

Something astonishing was created…
Music that enriches life with experience of unexpected.

Dalida is completely unique artistic creator of dream like musical fantasies.This album – Melancholy Forest– sets itself apart from the first one – Between Two Worlds – which was dominated by the piano itself. In this new album Dalida has launched herself into the new dimension of musical journey into the thick fog and shiny stars hidden deep within the artist’s soul. Thoughtful warm sound full of unspoken thoughts and deeply spiritual in meaning takes movie-like style of masterful crafting of the atmosphere.
Artist does so using harmony in a way that gives character and emotions to the wider ambiance. Music of ambiance and lucid spirit is Dalida’s unique creative signature. Compositions ought to be a program of musical paintings painted by an artistic soul that doesn’t even try to hide it’s intimate feelings of melancholy.

These compositions of the Melancholy Forest album
tell stories of their own:

Walk – The moment of other-sided experience of a poetic creative musical aquarelle undertoned by melancholy of the cello sound.

Isolated – Alone… Feeling the pressure of silence. Traces of memories appear. Followed by smile.

The One – The Chosen One has arrived and nothing will ever stay the same. It is time for a decision to surrender to the strong emotions that simply have to be shown to the world.

Invisible – This is a song sung with arms wide open. A small creative motive grows into a flourishing artistic theme that grows ever so stronger using strict structure of minimalist musical fragments.

Fantasy – If you want to be emotionally touched deeply into the flowers of your souls, enjoy the dancing shadows of this composition. Shadows that dance in their own world, never minding the spectators and listeners around them.

The Curse – Musical painting painted with black and white piano palette of monochromatic piano keys, reflecting deep and tragic hours of the composer’s soul. That is nothing more than revived past.

In a Vortex of Time – Apotheosis. Let’s twist and dance together as moments fly around us. Moments of plentifulness, full of life, as they were when they took place.

Wonderer – Untold personal story is transformed into a piece of music. Music to which a silhouette sways lonely, seen by none.

Purple Rain – Title speaks of one color, but music speaks in all shades of all colors. It is an enigma of the heart that lends it’s hand to it’s recognized lost piece. A piece of a dream lost.

Encounter of The Worlds – Epic fantasy painted by the assistant tones of strings and obligatory choir which uplifts the listener to the very top of the capitol. It’s the sound of the wind that blows through a thin curtain.

The Hands that Hold You – An intimate confession of a trembling picture projected from an old silent movie. It says “you know I am there. Lips stay together letting the touch of the hand speak for itself”.
State of Mind – Take the road less traveled. You don’t have to worry about traffic jams.

Reincarnation – Ambiance of a medieval night reincarnates in front of the dreamer’s eyes. Heavy rain of characters is falling into a twisting circle of the existence of an old soul.

Heavenly – When gates are open, new worlds are born in front of us. Let’s go in! There is an indescribable pleasure in there. Artist lends you a hand of guidance through this world, and if you see it… Grab it and you would be able to fly!

Melancholy Forest – Author’s personality is stamped in this composition. It is her deepest creative aspect subliminated into a piece of music for the orchestra. If you are looking for the author personally, you should search through the Melancholy Forest. That is where her home is.

text by Goran Potkonjak – http://ehoodiseja.com/?goran-potkonjak

translated by Nataša Stanojević

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